Be DutyFull To Prents !

In the name of Allah . The Most Merciful. The Most Beneficent.

I see today’s youth in a very painful situation; they don’t have time for their parents!!! How could they forget? Wherever they are right now is a result of parents’ continuous efforts and love and they prayed for you, even when you were not in this world.

All praise belongs to Allah. And what my mother did for me is beyond words. It was she who taught me, who supported me and trusted me, she was my role model.

Actually if I honestly say , I realized this when I saw a cute baby girl Aasiya, she is my friend’s daughter, 3 years old, with chubby cheeks and dimple chin, she reminded me of my childhood and may be my mom was like her mother, so active, young, pretty and energetic and conscious of her child. SubhanAllah!!!

I noticed this baby girl, she is talkative, wise and curious about things she sees. She often remember her father, who is under zalimeen (may Allah protect him). I m not listing down this girl’s problems, but through her I can see, how her mother spend time with her, always cares her, answers her silly questions. When she is crying or happy, her mother is always there with her. And mother’s own problems, her situation, her sorrows and happiness don’t matter!!!

Now you don’t have time for your mother! Strange! She spent her youth in caring and serving you, she had her own dreams, her desires and dreams; she sacrificed all of it, just to raise you up. And today when she is aged, she need you, you are talking about your career. You don’t have a single minute to ask her, how is she? Or is her legs paining? May be she just wanted to talk to you and to spend time with her own children.

Oh really! Are you studying? That’s the reason u don’t get time to be with her, you think it’s a wastage of time right? FEAR ALLAH!!! FEAR HIM!!! He is watching you. During studies u have time to socialize with friends, to check notifications and even for outing sometimes, but when your mother ask you for a glass of water or to make tea, u say sorry mom , I am studying . Really??? Did she said this when you were in need?

OK, so u think you are so spiritual and religious, you do dawah whole day, always have Quran in hands, and in mp3 player, and you pray long voluntary prayers, Indeed u r religious, you are Insha’Allah pleasing to the one whom you love most. But don’t you remember that hadith?

“The pleasure of the Lord is in pleasing your parents, and the wrath of the Lord (upon the child) is if he makes them angry.” [At-Tabaraani].

If your parents are displeased with you, don’t think you are doing right thing. Obey your parents, serve them, fulfill their needs, and then go for voluntary ibadaat, because obedience to parents is obligatory.

Sometimes you are tired after whole day’s stress and hard work and you just need your head to hit pillow. Still in this situation you don’t have a right to refuse your mother but after taking her permission u can go. Because you even don’t remember how much pain she felt because of you, when you sick she never even counted her sleepless nights, she also got tired but did she ever refused to change your wet clothes?

You read Quran daily mashaAllah, don’t u see Allah mentions parents after Himself.-

Worship Allah and associate nothing with Him, and to parents do good. (4:36)

Why the youth of Muslim ummah is so neglectful of their duties and respect and obedient towards their parents?

My brothers and sisters, please them, pray for them, be kind to them, If you please them , you please Allah, don’t think you don’t have enough time, if your Rab is pleased with you, He’ll put barakah in your time, please Him, He’ll help you in exams and He’ll appoint angels to help you in work. Be sincere now, don’t wait for the time to pass, u don’t know what will happen tomorrow ,either you or your parents will leave this world, so start today, and feel the happiness of pleasing parent and pleasing Rab.

(Reminder to myself first)

May Allah protect us, may He guide us to straight path, and may He give us tofeeque to act on what good we write and read. Aameen.


Aiman Ammarah Khan.(seeker of knowledge)


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