Two precious years before her marriage,what’s the true mission now?

Ever since the employment of women has been increasing, daughters have taken a new step to succeed themselves in work place atleast before getting married. This is a simple story which narrates about a modern age girl with sentimental and emotional feelings.

This girl wants to do her job after her degree. But she knows that only 2years are left to get married and she wants to go to work place and wants to prove herself(as normally girls think). .
One night she was deeply thinking about the family situations , she took a new idea to implement in her life.

what’s the idea now?

She said to herself ” am not going to do any job or studies further, let me be in home” . When she changed her idea,being known as brave girl,people were little shocked saying ” what! You dont have anything to do in life?? Are you wasting your time for two years in home??” but she smiled because she knows that her idea and her plans were far better than any modern girl’s idea

She stayed in home for two years and its time for her to marry…, A day before her marriage she reached her parent’s room , put her head in her mother’s lap and started crying…. Mom said not to cry and they gave her advise “dont fear,they (in laws) are good people” . . The girl took her head and said “its not being afraid of someone in life besides Allah,as i prayed to Allah and i have believe that He will accept it …. Mumma, forgive me for my sins or hurts which i gave to you…..I worked so hard not to make you anger nor hurt in this two years of my life being too close (to you than anyone else in the family… My fear is for, if i disobeyed you) or did not be a good child to you… Forgive me.. I was not able to fulfill my obligations upon you. Forgive me.. Forgive me. . “Her parent’s eyes were filled with tears and they kissed her head and said “surely, you were “Qurratta Aayunin” (coolness to our eyes than anyone of our children in our life

She knows that she will not get a better chance to be with her parents than this 2years and that is why..she took it as a challenge to fulfill her obligation which she never can do it later..

Author- Zakira Tabassum

About author – Sister Zakira Tabassum is a final year student in JBAS Arts and Science college for women,Student in BAIS and an active member of Girls Islamic Organization. Residing in Chennai,India.


3 thoughts on “Two precious years before her marriage,what’s the true mission now?

  1. vry nice mashaallah zaku,gud …and one more thng i always use to sugest girls.before mariage u girls hav loads of loads tym to do ibadah..aftr mariage also u can do but due to respobsibilities..cant do like before…

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