The Map Of A Gift

When the pink paper flown from my Quran, I inserted it again in the
Quran. I remembered her.

My every letter, every word read from the Quran causes the rewards
increase in her scale.

When I opened my ink blue colour with white border covered book, I
read ” To my lovely sister Zakira Tabassum” . It was not just a book
rather a translation of the meaning of Quran.

Imagine his scale increase in every ponder of Quranic words.

Just think about your life. Every person gave you a gift let it be a
book or a meaningful advice. Everyone takes care of you…, they
invest in you to get a bigger reward in hearafter.

More than anyone, there is someone loves you more. And is not your
parent or partner. He is the One who designed your life in a beautiful

The beautiful people who are in your life wisely advice you. The
wrong one mocks at you. The one who goes in the street way, sometimes
tells you a lesson with his actions. The book which you read makes you
realise the true world of ours and others. The changing of the
mentallity over the time. Everything teaches you to be better next

Who causes this?

It is the beautiful map drawn by the One who creates every thing beautifully.

The One praises Himself, Just because He is praiseworthy.

Allah,The best teacher ever.


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