My Niqab Story – Challenges vs. Benefits

My niqab story began at the age of 14, when we were moving from Seoni to Raipur. I was asking my mom to buy a niqab (abaya,scarf,face cover) for me before that, while I was wearing a head scarf above normal Shalwar Qamees. That day i was stuck ,I said that i don’t want to enter a new city like this. This is what parents wanted but they didn’t want to force me. Alhamdulillah we reached here and settled.

Only after a few days, we started searching a new school for me. We inquired some but I didn’t get admission. Among other reasons niqab was one. Even a Muslim principal refused to allow even hijab. We dropped the school idea and decided that I’ll study privately.

Apparently that was not good. But Allah had put many big blessings for me in that year. My teaching career began there. I was asked to teach 6th grade maths in a school. Not officially though because the minimum age for an employee is 18 years. So my mathematics skills improved which later helped me in my studies. And I got teaching experience.

Even greater than this that I learnt Quranic Arabic this year, and now I was able to understand most of the Quran, which I or my parents never expected before. And this was not possible if I was going to school.

One year passed and now again that was school time. May Allah reward immensely to madam MZ Siddiqui. She allowed me Niqab in campus but asked to uncover face in classroom. So I finished my 10+2 there in Biology stream alhamdulillah.
Here the director was Muslim but the school was not. It was co-education and mixed faith.

I had to face many oppositions, even from Muslims around. I cried at the beginning at home but alhamdulillah I had family support and encouragement,and Allah strengthened me. Now my dress had become a good dawah source, even with Muslims.everyone used to ask about it and that was the point to start the discussion.

A funny comment was that once a junior boy called me Jadoo (an alien in a Bollywood movie) :p

I studied there for two years and received a lot of respect from fellow students and teachers and from those who didn’t even know me.
Alhamdulillah my dress gave me confidence and I was in leading team and topper in academics.

Basically if we follow Allah’s commands with full trust and hope, He helps at every step and He will never let us go down.

The story continues but I am stopping here, for all above my mother Fakhra Tabassum was my inspiration.

May Allah guide and help us on His path, and protect us from diseases of heart, ameen.
Jazakumallahu khairan.


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