Printable free To Dos / Daily Planner / organizer


I am writing this in a hurry, please excuse for grammatical errors , typos or any other mistakes.


For a long time I was searching for free printable organizer, To Do’s , Shopping Manager etc. But all had some limitations, so I decided to make my own.
I have some virtual applications too for that but since I am working online full time and also studying online, so I prefer paper work wherever possible.

Just putting below  a few point about what exactly it is, and why I like it.

  • Its floral design and color.
  • Every page has a positive quality which we all want to have in our selves but struggling with one or the other, If  we try to implement only one of them per day, by the end of the month we’ll be a much better person.
  • You can choose to print in any size (Smaller size is preferred for better quality) Keep in a file or make cards or spiral bind or whichever way you want.
  • Can be used in many ways, since there is no heading. eg: To Do’s, Meals planning, Study plan per day, for work priorities etc…
  • ……. I am leaving last bullet for you, Write in comments how else we can use it?

If you have any better design or content ideas, please let know.

What I basically did is –

  • Printed multiple pages on an A4 size paper.
  • Separated them with a paper blade and made cards.
  • Punched.
  • Hung on a hook on wall.

Now I can write things to do on a particular day, and once the day in over I remove one paper form the hook.

This help not to forget task, deadlines, we know our priorities, and we also have an idea which day I don’t have much work to do.

Preferably write your tasks a night before the actual date.

Sharing my pictures below, and link to download pdf.


I know whatever I have written above is all jumbled, but this is the best I can. As March is at the corner and I have to finish a lot of things before it starts. So inshaAllah hoping that it will benefit you. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Barakallahu feekum.

better open on PC – Click to download PDF March To dos


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