Two precious years before her marriage,what’s the true mission now?

Ever since the employment of women has been increasing, daughters have taken a new step to succeed themselves in work place atleast before getting married. This is a simple story which narrates about a modern age girl with sentimental and emotional feelings.

This girl wants to do her job after her degree. But she knows that only 2years are left to get married and she wants to go to work place and wants to prove herself(as normally girls think). .
One night she was deeply thinking about the family situations , she took a new idea to implement in her life.

what’s the idea now?

She said to herself ” am not going to do any job or studies further, let me be in home” . When she changed her idea,being known as brave girl,people were little shocked saying ” what! You dont have anything to do in life?? Are you wasting your time for two years in home??” but she smiled because she knows that her idea and her plans were far better than any modern girl’s idea

She stayed in home for two years and its time for her to marry…, A day before her marriage she reached her parent’s room , put her head in her mother’s lap and started crying…. Mom said not to cry and they gave her advise “dont fear,they (in laws) are good people” . . The girl took her head and said “its not being afraid of someone in life besides Allah,as i prayed to Allah and i have believe that He will accept it …. Mumma, forgive me for my sins or hurts which i gave to you…..I worked so hard not to make you anger nor hurt in this two years of my life being too close (to you than anyone else in the family… My fear is for, if i disobeyed you) or did not be a good child to you… Forgive me.. I was not able to fulfill my obligations upon you. Forgive me.. Forgive me. . “Her parent’s eyes were filled with tears and they kissed her head and said “surely, you were “Qurratta Aayunin” (coolness to our eyes than anyone of our children in our life

She knows that she will not get a better chance to be with her parents than this 2years and that is why..she took it as a challenge to fulfill her obligation which she never can do it later..

Author- Zakira Tabassum

About author – Sister Zakira Tabassum is a final year student in JBAS Arts and Science college for women,Student in BAIS and an active member of Girls Islamic Organization. Residing in Chennai,India.


Muslimahs’ sisterhood …

My online sisters , They love me so much,
But why? Why? Why?…
We never ever met,
They don’t know me other than my profile pic,
But they love my, Why?…
I never heard most of them,
We never had an audio call,
Just some finger chatting,
And they love me, why?…
We care for each other ,
They remind me of Allah,
And they love me, why?…
My sisters are from different parts of this beautiful world,
From Saudi, from Pakistan, From Bangladesh,
Many from my own country India,
But we never knew each other, out of internet.
Still they love me, why?…
I don’t know, how they look,
Brown or white, pale or bright,
But I l love them, why?…
Some of them I don’t know their place, age, or anything,
Other than they are my sisters and muslims .
They pray for me, and I pray for them,
B’coz we love each other, but why?…
One of my friend from Medina,
She prayed for me during her umrah,
Why, why? She loves me, why?…
We enjoy each other’s company,
Though virtual not physical,
And it pleases me when they teach me my deen.
B,coz we love each other, but why?…
My friends, even if I don’t know their real names,
But they help me when I need them,
They encourage me to do well,
And keep me away from evil.
Bcoz they love me, but why?….
Due to them, I learn each day a new hadith ,or verse,
Or some of my misconceptions go away.
They share with me their feelings,
Their happiness and sorrows,
Coz they love me, but why?…
Oh! Yes, Yes, Yes. I know the answer,
We love each other for the sake of our creator…
Yes my dear sisters,
I love you, and u love me for the sake of Allah,
For our deen, and for dawah…
We’ll altogether meet under the throne,
On the day of Qiyamah,
Smiling, happy, and congratulating one another.
For our successful journeys, …
Love you, Love you, and Love you, O! My sisters.
Always keep praying for my hidayah,
And never let me fell astray, if you really love me.
See my loved ones… ♥♥♥♥♥…
Allah will ask on the Day of Judgment: “Where are those who loved each other for the sake of My glory? Today, on a day when there is no shade but Mine, I shall shade them with My shade.” (Muslim)
. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said,
“Among Allah’s servants are people who are neither prophets nor martyrs, but whom the prophets and martyrs will deem fortunate because of their high status with Allah.” The Companions asked, “O Messenger of Allah! Inform us of who they are.” The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) told them that they are people who loved each other for Allah’s sake, even without being related to one another or being tied to one another by the exchange of wealth. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) went on to describe their great reward on the Day of Resurrection: “By Allah, their faces will be luminous and they will be upon light. They will feel no fear when the people will be feeling fear, and they will feel no grief when the people will be grieving.” Then he (peace and blessings be upon him) read the verse: [Behold! Verily on the friends of Allah there is no fear, nor shall they grieve] (Yunus 10:62). (Abu Dawud)

pleasure in Allah’s remembrance

It is pleasure for your cheeks,
When they carry tears, When they carry a quite smile,
In the remembrance of Allah…
It is pleasure for your face,
When it pale fearing, When it is bright with nor,
In the remembrance of Allah…
It is pleasure for your fingers,
When they are counted on, When they bear witness,
In the remembrance of Allah…
It is pleasure for your ears,
When they hear zikr, When they refrain from music,
In the remembrance of Allah…
It is pleasure for your tongue,
When It recites Quran, When it supplicates,
In the remembrance of Allah…
It is pleasure for your nose,
When it is wet, When it is rubbed on floor,
In the remembrance of Allah…
It is pleasure for your legs,
When they move towards Masjid, When they stand in prayer,
In the remembrance of Allah…
It is pleasure for your forehead,
When it touches ground, When it wrinkles,
In the remembrance of Allah…
It is pleasure for your eyes,
When they shine with hope, When they are washed off,
In the remembrance of Allah…
It is pleasure for your hands,
When they raise up, When they tremble,
In the remembrance of Allah…
It is pleasure for your heart,
When it is calm, When it is jumping,
In the remembrance of Allah…
It is pleasure for you as a whole,
When you spend your days, When you spend your nights,
In the remembrance of Allah…
In front of Allah…    HeartHeartHeart
[Aiman Ammarah Khan]

Matters what’s inside!

Dark sky,Noisy street,

clutter all around.

What is in my heart?

Is it still sound?…

Birds chirping,waterfall,

nature is kind.

What is in my heart?

where is my mind?…

Rosy lips, bright eyes,

Charm on the face.

What is in my heart?

why untied lace?…

Rocky land,thorny plants,

sun spreading light.

What is in my heart?

is it’s circuit right?…

Blue clouds,Green dew,

Grasshoppers jumping high.

What is in my heart?

worries go- good bye!

Aiman Ammarah Khan

Be DutyFull To Prents !

In the name of Allah . The Most Merciful. The Most Beneficent.

I see today’s youth in a very painful situation; they don’t have time for their parents!!! How could they forget? Wherever they are right now is a result of parents’ continuous efforts and love and they prayed for you, even when you were not in this world.

All praise belongs to Allah. And what my mother did for me is beyond words. It was she who taught me, who supported me and trusted me, she was my role model.

Actually if I honestly say , I realized this when I saw a cute baby girl Aasiya, she is my friend’s daughter, 3 years old, with chubby cheeks and dimple chin, she reminded me of my childhood and may be my mom was like her mother, so active, young, pretty and energetic and conscious of her child. SubhanAllah!!!

I noticed this baby girl, she is talkative, wise and curious about things she sees. She often remember her father, who is under zalimeen (may Allah protect him). I m not listing down this girl’s problems, but through her I can see, how her mother spend time with her, always cares her, answers her silly questions. When she is crying or happy, her mother is always there with her. And mother’s own problems, her situation, her sorrows and happiness don’t matter!!!

Now you don’t have time for your mother! Strange! She spent her youth in caring and serving you, she had her own dreams, her desires and dreams; she sacrificed all of it, just to raise you up. And today when she is aged, she need you, you are talking about your career. You don’t have a single minute to ask her, how is she? Or is her legs paining? May be she just wanted to talk to you and to spend time with her own children.

Oh really! Are you studying? That’s the reason u don’t get time to be with her, you think it’s a wastage of time right? FEAR ALLAH!!! FEAR HIM!!! He is watching you. During studies u have time to socialize with friends, to check notifications and even for outing sometimes, but when your mother ask you for a glass of water or to make tea, u say sorry mom , I am studying . Really??? Did she said this when you were in need?

OK, so u think you are so spiritual and religious, you do dawah whole day, always have Quran in hands, and in mp3 player, and you pray long voluntary prayers, Indeed u r religious, you are Insha’Allah pleasing to the one whom you love most. But don’t you remember that hadith?

“The pleasure of the Lord is in pleasing your parents, and the wrath of the Lord (upon the child) is if he makes them angry.” [At-Tabaraani].

If your parents are displeased with you, don’t think you are doing right thing. Obey your parents, serve them, fulfill their needs, and then go for voluntary ibadaat, because obedience to parents is obligatory.

Sometimes you are tired after whole day’s stress and hard work and you just need your head to hit pillow. Still in this situation you don’t have a right to refuse your mother but after taking her permission u can go. Because you even don’t remember how much pain she felt because of you, when you sick she never even counted her sleepless nights, she also got tired but did she ever refused to change your wet clothes?

You read Quran daily mashaAllah, don’t u see Allah mentions parents after Himself.-

Worship Allah and associate nothing with Him, and to parents do good. (4:36)

Why the youth of Muslim ummah is so neglectful of their duties and respect and obedient towards their parents?

My brothers and sisters, please them, pray for them, be kind to them, If you please them , you please Allah, don’t think you don’t have enough time, if your Rab is pleased with you, He’ll put barakah in your time, please Him, He’ll help you in exams and He’ll appoint angels to help you in work. Be sincere now, don’t wait for the time to pass, u don’t know what will happen tomorrow ,either you or your parents will leave this world, so start today, and feel the happiness of pleasing parent and pleasing Rab.

(Reminder to myself first)

May Allah protect us, may He guide us to straight path, and may He give us tofeeque to act on what good we write and read. Aameen.


Aiman Ammarah Khan.(seeker of knowledge)